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Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny
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Gate, Please! Close this gate after the field passes.
Hark! Quiet down and listen.
Hold Hard! Stop immediately for hounds, fall, hazard, scent line, etc. Sometimes followed by @#%&*!
Reverse Field The field must turn to go the opposite direction. On a narrow trail, the the original order of riders may not be preserved.
Staff, Please! Make way for a staff member.
Tally-Ho! An alert to the other followers or the Huntsman that you have personally viewed the fox. Point to help others find it. If the fox is close-by, keep your voice down.
Ware! (war) Beware! Alert used with hound, wire, hole, low-bridge, bees, deer, hare, riot, etc.

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Raised Cap Marks the direction of a viewed fox.
Pointed Whip Deer sighted headed that-a-way.
Raised Whip Held Horizontally Gate, please! Acknowledged by a raised whip.
Raised Hand Hold hard!

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Cope Come into the pack. We're finished.
Forrard Forward!
Hoick (hike) Hark. Encouragement to listen. Also, Huik, Yoick, Yoics, Huic.
Hoick to'm! (hike to 'em) Hark to them! Encouragement to a hound to go to the sound of the action.
Hoick Behind (hike behind) Hark, get behind. Hey, absent-minded hounds, get behind me.
Hold Up Together!  Stop and return to the pack!
Holloa (holler) View holloa. A loud, high-pitched yell by staff alerting Huntsman that the hunted fox has been viewed.
Kennel Up Go into the kennels.
Leave It! Quit what you're doing!
Lieu In (lew in) Enter this covert and hunt.
Load Up Get into the trailer.
Pack Up Close it up into a tighter formation.
Rollover Car Move to the side of the road, let this vehicle pass.
Ware Riot! (war) Beware riot! A loud, scolding alert. You're chasing the forbidden!
Whoop Traditional encouragement at the death.
Yoick, Yoicks (hike!) See Hoick.
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